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Odor Control Misting System


What are odor control misting systems?

An odor control mist system is designed to spray odor neutralizers in areas that have a lot of
smell emitting that pollute the environment and bring forth unhygienic conditions from places

o sewage and
o waste water treatment centers
o dumpsters
o garbage compactors
o garbage sorting facilities
o Facilities and warehouses with airborne odor problems.

Greenly’s Truemist misting systems are the best tool for odor treatment and odor control in large
areas designed for industrial as well as commercial applications. It can be effectively used in
both indoor and outdoor odor control applications.
Our misting systems are effective on both solid and liquid waste odor suppression system. The
process involves the atomization of neutralizing chemicals (to block the odor perception), odor
absorbers or completely natural bio-neutralizers that modify the natural decomposition and
prevent the formation of odor by means of biodegrading action.
For indoor environment, high-pressure fog systems can be installed by adding nozzle rings on
existing ductwork or fans, creating a network of misting tubes that covers the entire workspace.
When the chemical is mixed with odor control liquids and chemicals, a series of chemical
reactions reduces the odor in the facility. Due high-pressure misting setup, wetness reduces and
uses water efficiently.
For Outdoor environment, millions of water atomized droplets act as water curtain when mixed
with right odor suppression chemicals.


  •  Water atomization has advantages as operating costs is low compared to other odor control
  • Energy costs are very low
  • Quick installation
  • Spray angles can be adjusted to spray in any direction
  • Atomized water particles are tiny enough to get evaporated once odor is captured
  • Greenly high-pressure hose & Slip-Lock fittings with nozzles are very easy to assemble and install
  • Water particles are pressurized and misted, hence there is a reduction in the consumption of
  • The flow range of the atomized water particles are such that it reaches every nook and corner of
    the required area
  • Complete suppression of odor with instant evaporation
  • Greely misting systems are eco friendly and pocket friendly as well.
At Greenly India we have developed a high quality odor control system, which is perfect for
waste management, waste water treatment, food processing plants and chemical industries. WE
have developed a unique eco friendly system that helps to reduce odor and odor related
complaints from all types of Industries, wastage units, recycling plants etc
  • Area of Application
  • Poultry farms Loading and un-loading at harbor
  • Pig Farms
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Recycling plants
  • Food processing facilities
  • Drain water management etc
Using Greenly India’s Odor misting system, we can get rid of bad odor emitting from Landfills,
ware houses, industries, sewage treatment etc. We can help maintain a clean and hygienic
environment that is eco friendly as well.
At Greenly India we are constantly Researching & Developing with our products and making
sure they make use of the latest technology and adhere to all standards as well as providing a
green and eco friendly solution to all our consumers.

Mist system for Ware house odor

High Pressure systems that are used inside warehouses to get rid of or suppress emitting odor
from products or chemicals.

Odor eliminator

Odor eliminator is also called as odor control misting system that helps to suppress odor
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